With new, innovative design and techniques in manufacturing, we have developed three collections of saddles that we have tailored to suit the ever changing needs of our riders while maintaining the same familiar qualitites that are iconic to the Syd Hill brand. Check their product pages for more information. 

Stock Saddles with Plain Flap

Syd Hill & Sons originally made its name with our famous stock saddles. Our manufacturing process and designs may have changed but 148 years later our traditional stock saddles are still an integral part of the Syd Hill & Sons collection. 

Stock Saddles with Swinging Fender

Swinging fender saddles posses the traditional qualities of the plain flap style but with an innovative alternative. Just like the plain flap stock saddle, the swinging fender features a flocked panel which provides maximum comfort for your horse, the different is that this saddle boasts a skirt and swinging fender that grants the rider closer contact and freedom in movement.


The halfbreed saddle is the most sought after style in the Syd Hill & Sons range. The popularity of this saddle is attributed to its unique fit. Designed like a western saddle on the underside and a stock saddle in the seat, this provides an optimum fit for both the horse and the rider.