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I have an old Syd Hill saddle, can you tell me how much it’s worth?

Unfortunately we are unable to help with valuing saddles. Your best option is to look around for what others are pricing saddles of similar style and age. Gumtree and Ebay are usually helpful for this research.

Do you still make leather saddles?

Yes! We have our Silver Collection of saddles including stock and halfbreeds. Paul Hill also makes saddles to order. For more information, go to our product guide. 

What warranties do you have?

All of our saddles come with a 5 year tree warranty. The Signature saddle by Paul Hill comes with a 10 year warranty.

How do I measure my saddle?

We have a chart and instructions below showing how to measure an Australian saddle.


Measure the length of the seat from the stitching on the forepart (being the raised portion between the pommel and facing) to the inside back of the seat.

B Measure the dip in the seat by placing a ruler or straight object on the pommel and top of cantle. Take your measurement from the straight edge to the lowest part of the seat.
Knee Pads
C To measure all types of Poley knee pads, measure from flap to highest point of the knee pad.
Thigh Pads
D For thigh pads, measure from flap to the highest point of the thigh pad at the back.
E To measure the length of the flap, take length from stirrup leather bar to bottom of flap.